Volcanic Earth exposes the truth about the benefits of Tamanu Oil : Tamanu Oil benefits and uses are multi-dimensional because pure Tamanu Oil has the unique capacity to stimulate the formation of new skin tissue, accelerating wound healing and growth of healthy skin. The scientific name for this process is cicatrisation. While the oil itself is a significant skin rejuvenating agent, it is not true to say Tamanu Oil heals all skin conditions. Learn the truth about Tamanu Oil, how Tamanu Oil is produced, it's uses, side effects and where to buy Tamanu Oil in Australia.

Tamanu Oil Benefits For Skin & Hair


The DR Oz recommended, Tamanu Oil is an amazing skin oil used for centuries by the Melanesian people of Vanuatu and Tahiti with impressive results. It is an incredible skin rejuvenating agent that delivers fast and effective results for anyone looking to achieve smooth, youthful, blemish-free skin. However, anyone who claims Tamanu Oil heals all skin conditions is making a therapeudic claim that is not only inaccurate but may well be in breach of the Therapedic Goods Act in Australia.

Tamanu Oil is a made from the nut kernels of the Tamanu Tree. Its scientific name is Calophyllum inophyllum – an evergreen tree and a member of the Mangosteen Family.

This tree is actually indigenous to the tropical areas of South East Asia but it especially flourishes in tropical countries such as the exotic Melanesian islands of Vanuatu and to a much lesser extent, in Polynesian islands such as Tahiti. It can also be found in parts of Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and even Southern India.

The Tamanu Tree has been known by many names. For example, in Vanuatu, the tree is also known as “Nabagura”. In Fiji, it is called “Dilo” or “Dolno”, “Ati” in Tahiti, “Fetau” in Samoa, “Funa” in the Maldives and “Kamani” in Hawaii. The fruit (nuts) are hand gathered from the coastal Tamanu trees, as they are said to yield the highest quality oil. Tamanu Oil is a 100% pure and natural extract from the 'sacred' Tamanu tree, and does not contain any artificial chemicals, additives or preservatives.

Following traditional practices, the nut kernels are hand-cracked and then sun-dried until golden brown. The nut kernels are cold pressed, without heat or chemicals which results in the finest, pure, rich, dark green, luxurious Tamanu oil.

It takes many nuts to produce even a small quantity of oil – in fact, four trees will generally yield approximately 20 Liters of “pure” Tamanu Oil, depending on the size and yield of the trees. This low-yield ratio is the primary reason for the relatively high cost of Tamanu Oil.

Volcanic Earth has incorporated pure 100% Tamanu Oil into some of our creams, soaps and other facial care products.

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The skin care benefits of Tamanu Oil can not be understated. We often get asked, "What does Tamanu Oil do ?" or "What does Tamanu Oil do for the skin?". Put simply the benefits of using Tamanu Oil extend to benefits for skin as well as for hair and nails. If you want healthy, glowing hair or skin or strong nails that grow then this is what the product not only promises but delivers on as well.


There are no known Tamanu Oil side effects. However, if you overdo it, then it can have a drying effect on the skin. The other thing to be mindful of is that tropical Tamanu Oil is produced from nuts and so occasionally a person will find themselves allergic to the product. However, even then it is normally not serious and presents itself very early one. Just apply it to a small discrete area of the skin first. If you are allergic you will probably notice small red dots of irritation telling you that the product simply doesn't agree with you.

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