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For All Skin Types And Based On Pure Tamanu Oil, Beautiful Virgin Coconut Oil, Volcanic Ash and Volcanic Pumice.

Brought to you by VOLCANIC EARTH from the
environmentally-friendly islands of


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In Vanuatu, the Melanesian spirituality is inextricably connected to the native Ni Vanuatu ancestral heritage, their age-old traditions and religious/cultural customs.

Our natural skin care cosmetics reflect the traditional organic skin care care secrets of this ancient culture. We are here to help you avoid the sometimes extremely severe effects of using chemical products on adult skin problems or bad skin problems that can not only be ineffective but potentially damaging, so your skin looks better than ever.

Where modern, chemical-ridden products fail, traditional Melanesian skin care has much to offer. You are about to learn the natural way to have healthy, beautiful skin.

Welcome to Volcanic Earth!

We offer all natural skin care products with zero chemicals, synthetic colourings, artificial presevatives or toxins that also reflects the tried and tested methods of this ancient culture. Now your skin can benefit from pure Tamanu Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil skin care, the cleansing and exfoliating qualities of volcano products such as volcanic ash and volcanic pumice, combined with the sensuous scents of pure Frangipani, Vanilla and Sandalwood.

Our natural skin care products are ethical Bio products that respect the skin’s natural rhythm, with unique formulas containing organic Bio ingredients and 100% natural fragrances.

Discover for yourself why Volcanic Earth cosmetic, organic bath and body products, aromatherapy, and other organic body care products are sought after by people from around the globe!



The Volcanic Earth range is primarily comprised of four separate exotic lines of naturally organic skin care. These are:-

Unpredictable - For Women who love Frangipani
- For Men of confidence and inner strength
- For Lovers of Coconut Oil and Vanilla
Tamanu Oil Range - For Everyone with skin problems

* Also check out our Facial Care & Foot & Hand ranges.

A tantalizing range of naturally organic skin care
products for healthier, younger-looking skin!

Give your skin that extra
healthy glow!

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beauty plan today!


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Tamanu Oil Australia
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Volcanic Earth Tamanu Oil
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Putre Tamanu Oil
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Vanuatu Tamanu Oil
15ml Roll-On ( Refillable)

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Many people are just beginning to realize how "out of step" they are with the universe and why ethical Bio products, in the form of naturally organic skin care, are essential for healthy, glowing skin. In one study, researchers found that the average Australian woman, as part of her beauty routine, applies 176 different chemicals to her body every day, usually without realizing it! Many of these chemicals are toxins which can actually cause various skin irritations.

Most conventional body care products are made with refined vegetable oils, which have all the antioxidants stripped from them (as a result of the refining process)and so are highly prone to free-radical generation, causing your skin to actually age faster!

Voted No. 1 on the "Happy Planet Index", the rich, volcanic islands of Vanuatu have been found to emit next to NO carbon emissions and the whole country is virtually devoid of pesticides, insecticides and herbicides. Everything grows naturally and easily in this untouched paradise.

Tamanu Oil Products

Research is constantly revealing remarkable skin care qualities in exotic and native plant species. Occasionally, one of these plant extracts is shown to possess such remarkable qualities that it becomes a staple in every bathroom cabinet. Aloe vera and tea tree oil are prime examples. In recent years a new plant extract from Vanuatu has emerged as a prime contender in the super oil stakes. This pacific powerhouse is called Tamanu oil. No wonder it is sometimes referred to as the Sacred Oil Of Tamanu or Green Gold!

As all life is beautiful, none of our products are tested on animals.

Beauty From Deep Within The Earth



The Australian Government and Volcanic Earth join forces through the ECF (an AusAID initiative) to expand and provide over 900 tangible livelihood opportunities, as well as other benefits, to village suppliers in more remote areas of Vanuatu.

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Find Out How You Can Reduce
Your Carbon Footprint Through
Using Natural Skin Care!

Healthy Skin
Use beautiful Virgin Coconut
Oil for great skin.

Gently, deep cleanse, and
restore your life energy
with ancient minerals

Natural Aphrodisiac

Re-invigorate your body
with exotic island scents.

Enjoy pure Tamanu Oil to protect
and maintain beautiful skin.

Facial Care
Ethical Bio products for a glowing,
healthy complexion

Anti Wrinkel Cream

Aromatherapy Rich Natural Eye Cream
With Tamanu Oil)

A Powerful Eye Cream for a healthy, silky-smooth complexion
In As Little As One Week!

Tamanu Oil anti Aging Moisturizer

Skin Rejuvenating Moisturizer
(with Tamanu Oil)

An all over body moisturizer for blemish-free

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